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DECEMBER 19, 2016 10:00AM CST – NOW LIVE

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The white tee can be considered as the alpha and omega in our fashion alphabet. Although a blank canvas piece of clothing, the white tee holds a historical context and symbolism that’s aligned itself with subcultures in fashion. The white tee has been studied and documented as a piece of Americana — from its military origins, association to Greaser youth delinquent fashion, to currently being considered as an American classic staple. What has lacked, however, is the understanding of its origins and function in relevance to contemporary trends and street culture. The White Tee Exhibit is a virtual, interactive exhibit begins to unpack the white tee in a 5-section survey that takes viewers and readers through its origin with cotton, connection to the working class, symbolism in rebellion and discovery of the individual, and how these intertwine with Hip Hop culture. The White Tee exhibit reclaims the tee’s origins while reinventing itself, and asks a resounding question if a garment is meant to become a uniform for a culture.

Within this extensive exhibit are a display photographs, videos, a curated collection of hip hop music videos that have styled the white tee, an exclusive interview with Pimpin’ from Dem Franchize Boyz, and results of a photo survey on ideas of the white tee and its stereotyped associations.

Special thanks to Jamall “Pimpin'” Willingham, Dem Franchize Boyz, The Hundreds, Niko Bianco, Hassan Brown, Melanie Christmas, Arvin Davis, Ricky Dreamer, Mikey Francisco, Jennifer Judge, KP, Mario Marroquin, Jason Ortega, , Altamont Reid, Evan Steele, and to the participants of the “Free The Tee” survey.


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The White Tee Exhibit


23BLVD cordially welcomes you to its first CHAT ROOM series. This online chat room will focus on unpacking the ideas of The White Tee Exhibit with the guidance of the chat’s moderator, Ricky Dreamer. Guests are invited to ask questions or state comments to the curator or moderator, while building a conversation with others.

Limited space.
Guests will receive a text confirmation with an official invite.


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23BLVD is a virtual platform holding curated, thematically and graphically rich exhibits that aim to dissect the way of streetwear and contemporary dress. What once started off as a publication, is now taking leaps towards a future contemporary fashion gallery in 2023. Starting as a virtual gallery, 23BLVD.com is a platform for culture, and a practice for ultramodern curation.