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23BLVD is a virtual platform holding curated, thematically and graphically rich exhibits that aim to dissect the way of streetwear and contemporary dress. What once started off as a publication, is now taking leaps towards a future contemporary fashion gallery in 2023. Starting as a virtual gallery, 23BLVD.com is a platform for culture, and a practice for ultramodern curation.

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Charlie Kane is a practicing curator and writer who concentrates on creating content that educates and provides context towards today’s trends, aligned with streetwear and contemporary fashion. Her recent work focuses on the millennial generation’s buying practices and affects of the viral economy. Kane has worked with The Hundreds, Upper Playground, Examiner.com, and M.I.S.S. Crew, and currently is a contributing author on The Hundreds blog.

Curator’s Intent: My main concern when building exhibits, themes, or publishing pieces is to raise cognizance and explore the link between streetwear and urban culture with its relation to today’s world through dissecting trend. My pursuits involve taking consumerism a step back and reconnect consumers to quality; as well as bring affinity and chronology towards our clothes how we associated childhood playthings to memories, versus the disposable consumerism and materialism we are exposed with today. No matter how much we try to mask or layer our canvas bodies with clothing, we are all approachable and hold relevance to one another. Through the art of communication and curation, I seek to make fashion an extension of language and sociocultural perspectives.